Monday, February 13, 2006

Faculty in Action-Milo Russel and Sally Bowring

Milo is one of the rare treasures we have at VCU Painting in our faculty. Always up for discussion, contemplating painting issues, and just joking around, Milo has given me alot in the times we have talked and critiqued his students' works together, although I have never taken a class taught by him I respect his work and thought process highly. He is a must take if you are just starting out in the department if listened to your work can grow exponentially over the semester.
Sally Bowring is another one, from day one here at VCU I've had Sally for classes. She has nutured me and many other students into serious thinkers always questioning the why and when of our work. Sally gives all of herself to her students, her time, her concern, and runs around until the job is done and the problem solved. Truly one of the most dedicated faculty members here, take her classes as much as possible, and she never minds if you just stop in to a class you're not taking.

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