Saturday, August 29, 2009

David Shrigley

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Sally Jay Gorce said...

Thank you! Finally a breakthrough. You must have been busy. I just want you to know, I live in Queens, I really enjoy reading your blog, but when you don't update, it disapoints your readership. I mean it, if you don't legitimately KNOW this person, then please, don't wax poetic about how you knew him back when. . . You know? Now, you don't live EVERYWHERE. You have a unique situation where you can discreetly provide people with info about what galleries to hit up when they ARE in your vincinity. And if you're not going to be posting for awhile, for whatever reason, a quick note is all that is necessaire. That way you don't lose page views.
Also, I saw that you deleted the comment earlier about Johns' work, and that is unfair. this is a BLOG. it isn't rocket science, and it wasn't that mean, the comment. Ok? don't delete unless it's a legitimate troller. I know you know this stuff, just a re-up.

Dennis Matthews said...

Hi Sally,
Thanks for the comment. I'm glad to hear from someone who gives their comment some real time and thought. For the opposite reason is why I delete comments that just say "laaame..." with no point of reference to who the comment leaver is or what they're interested in. I'm not here obviously to satisfy anyone let alone try to for everyone. But it does make me very happy knowing that are there are many people out there looking and even happier when they care to comment. I don't leave notes like you say because I always assume that I will posting again soon and with the same usual volume. Summers can be hard for me, I think I did a post a month last summer. But thank you so much, keep checking in, I'll be better at updating I promise.

Ellin Berger said...

hahahaaaa. the 10 blog commandments. I like. :0

SJG said...

I understand 100%, but I am familiar with John and Jo's work, and if you're going to post about an artist you LOVE, i'm assuming you know how to resize a pic. Otherwise it looks like a gif of polkadots.

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