Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Grizzly Grizzly has taken over my life

So most of anyone who checks in here probably knows that I am a Co-Founder and Co-Director of a project space in Philadelphia since December 2009. I have become extremely lazy with this blog and been focusing all my efforts elsewhere with Grizzly Grizzly but alas this is not a 'blog suicide note' by any means, its more of an apology.
I do plan on updating here more regularly, perhaps changing the focus to go beyond what it started as (art, etc. I liked) and what it became (reposting Grizzly shows). A mix of both and more, and will probably be done in massive bursts of posts. And a s a p.
Grizzly Grizzly as you may know is doing extremely well and getting tons of local and international attention and press. It has been perhaps the most interesting adventure I have embarked on in my life and  I can only suggest to art lovers anywhere to check it out whether digitally or actually. And also please send us your images and proposals at and who knows we'll probably be glad to work with you and get something rad of yours up and shown.
This is not a retreat this is a regrouping.

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